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Transportation Of Jewellery

Posted by Howard Trott on Wednesday, November 6, 2013 Under: Security Motorcycle Courier
Transportation Of Jewellery Box/Jewellery. From Liverpool to Llangollen, North Wales. Wednesday 6th November.
Had to transport several pieces of jewellery and a jewelley box. Was informed total worth of consignments was around £18,000. That's why working as a motorcycle courier its important to get properly insured. Was emailed photos of the pieces I had to pick up.

So got my gear together and off I went. Pick up was hassle free, it takes no time getting to Liverpool. North Wales is a nice place to visit so was looking forward to the ride. Roads were pretty clear and enjoyed riding through the countryside. Had no deadline so took it easy which isn't a bad idea in North Wales. The Police like pulling over bikers and are always on the look out for speeding motorcycles.

Was coming up to Cefn-Mawr which wasn't far from my destination when I noticed a woman trying to flag down cars. She looked distressed so I pulled over. She told me she had been trying to flag down a car for the last 15 minutes, but had no luck. Her car lost power and stopped. I explained that I was making a delivery, but if she was still there when I came back I'd help her.

Got to Llangollen, which is a beautiful village. Made the delivery and did the usual when delivering valuables. Checked the photo I.D of the person I delivered to. Got a signature, then gave the client a call comfirming I'd delivered the consignments to the named person. Back on the motorcycle, as I came around the corner I didn't expect the woman to still be there. So much for motorists. Its different when your on a motorcycle. I've pulled over in the past just to check the motorcycle over when I've been on a long run. And had bikers pull over to see if I needed help.

Her name was Clare and she wasn't too happy. I got in her car and tried starting it, but was as dead as a dodo. Checked the battery connections which were so loose I could pull them off. She had no tools in her car and I knew I didn't have the right size spanner on the motorcycle, so tightened them the best I could with pliers. It started after a few attempts. Clare told me she lived in Wrexham, which wasn't too far away. I was in no rush, so told her I'd follow her back.

There was a local garage, so told her to head for that. Arrived at the garage and asked the mechanic if he could tighten the battery connections for her. He was a decent bloke and did it straight away. As a thank you, she bought me a brew and a cake at the local cafe. I never say no to an offer of a brew, and if a cake or biscuits are thrown in even better. Well that was my good deed for the day.      

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