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Transportation Of Valuable Necklace

Posted by Howard Trott on Sunday, October 27, 2013 Under: Security Motorcycle Courier
Transportation of Valuable Necklace from Manchester to London. Friday 25th October.
Had a call from a lady who needed an antique necklace picking up from her late Grandmothers house in Manchester and delivering it to her at London. There was no time deadline, but she wanted the necklace delivered the same day.
With items like these I lock them away in a steel lock box, which is then locked in a Backpack. With her Grandmother recently deceased I talked through everything slowly and put everything down again in the confirmation email when she paid.

She sent me a photo of the necklace which I printed out to take with me as with something this valuable I like to make sure I'm picking up the right consignment. Got to Manchester no problem and picked up the necklace from the late ladies son. She liked her bling as much as me when she was alive, he showed me some of the jewellery and trinkets she had collected over the years. Securely locked it away and off I went.

The journey went well, except that is for the occasional motorist pulling out in front of me. I noticed, except for one they were all talking down mobile phones at the time. Reached my destination and gave the lady her late Grandmothers necklace. She burst into tears which is only natural, put on the necklace then gave me a hug and thanked me. I felt bad having to ask her for photo I.D, but with something this valuable you still have to do your job. She offered me tea and biscuits which hit the spot and told me about her Gran. That's the plus side to this job, you meet interesting people from all walks of life.      

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