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Urgent Parcel Delivery

Posted by Howard Trott on Monday, October 28, 2013 Under: Motorcycle Couriers
Urgent Parcel Delivery from Warrington to Cardiff. Monday October 28th.
Had an early call from a Warrington company who had been let down by their usual courier and needed a parcel delivering to central Cardiff by 12 noon. It takes under 3 hours to get there by motorcycle, it would take alot less if the route didn't have alot of speed traps, and the Newport Police are always on the look out for speeding motorcycles.

Picked up the parcel and straight on the M6, its a straight forward route without too much conjestion until you reach Birmingham. No matter what time of year it is there always seems to be roadworks. Then onto the M5 which is a nice stretch of motorway. Then the M50 which has hardly any speed cameras so could put my Triumph through its paces, just kept a look out for Police. Once I got onto the A40 I knew I didn't have far to go, the countryside was beautiful but the weather wasn't. P#### down with rain. Once on the A449 near Newport it was time to ride like a responsible adult.

There are speed traps everywhere, and Police. Onto the M4, said goodbye to Newport and buzzing towards Cardiff Bay. I still remember when it was the old Cardiff Docks. Its had a complete face lift in recent years. There a yuppie bars now, when once there were backstreet pubs with character. I was born and bred in Cardiff, every time I go back it changes. Well back to business, delivered the parcel, called the Warrington Company, then across to the other side of Cardiff for a pit stop at my Mum's. Its not the first time I've got paid for visiting my mum.   

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