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Urgent Sample Delivery

Posted by Howard Trott on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 Under: Motorcycle Couriers
Urgent Sample Delivery from Preston to Birmingham. Monday 25th November.
Had a call from a company that needed a sample picking up from Preston and delivering to a client in Birmingham. Got my gear together, cranked up my motorcycle and off I went. Weather conditions were good and there was no traffic conjestion on the way to Preston. Its a bonus getting paid for riding my motorcycle and its a nice change from my normal line of work.

As I mention in an earlier post, the days of working full time as a motorcycle courier have gone, unless you work in London. Well back to business, arrived at the pick up point and was given a sample of wooden flooring. Was told it was for a client to look at who was having a new office complex built. A picture of the flooring wasn't good enough, he wanted to see a sample as soon as possible so it could then be ordered and work could start. I could see why the client wanted to see a sample, this looked top quality stuff and not the normal wooden flooring you find in a house.

Got on my motorcycle and off I went to Birmingham. Its a simple enough trip and what conjestion I did come across cut through it like it wasn't there. Riding on the motorway towards Birmingham a car shot passed me on the outside lane. I was just within the speed limit so the car must of being doing at least 120. Some people never learn and its why there are accidents on the motorway. Arrived at my destination which was a nice looking office comlex. Parked my motorcycle outside the site.

With a construction site you never know what will happen so its a safe option to park away from it. Walked up to one of the workers and asked if he knew where the client was. He pointed to a portacabin and told me he was in there. Knocked on the door and heard a voice asking me to go in. The client told me his name and what he was expecting. Had a look at the sample then signed for it. Then offered me a mug of tea and showed me the interior of the building. He then thanked me then went off into another room, I heard him giving someone a right bollocking as I was walking out.

Called my client to confirm the consignment had been delivered, then got back on my motorcycle, cranked it up and off I sped. On my way home I thought about that speeding motorist and how dangerous our roads can be with plonkers like that driving on them.        

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