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Vintage Motorcycles

Posted by Mark Lucas on Saturday, October 27, 2018 Under: Guest Motorcycle Articles
Motorcycles were first introduced in the later half of 19th century. Since the invention, motorcycles have become one of the most popular and common means of transportation. Vintage motorcycles are the earlier models of motorcycles which were manufactured after the First World War.

Vintage motorcycles are all time passion of bike riders and speed lovers. Apart from being a passion, some ardent rider also collects and preserves vintage motorcycles as treasures. The Japanese, British, Europeans, and the Americans were the leading manufacturers of motorcycles in the early days. But, the Japanese brands have gained much popularity due to their economic price, and the bike parts were easily availed.

Sunbeam, BMW, BSA, Norton, DKW, Brough Superior, and Triumph were some of the prominent manufacturers of vintage motorcycles, and these companies introduced many models of motorcycles during the vintage period. The prominent models include BMW R12, Indian 8-Valve Racer, Indian Chief, Sunbeam Model 8 LL, Triumph Tiger, John Tickle Norton, Cotton Racer, Triumph Bonneville, and Norton Dominator 99. These vintage motorcycles can also be given as beautiful gifts to motorcycle enthusiasts.

Vintage motorcycles can be more expensive than modern-day styles. On an average, a vintage motorcycle will cost $10,000 and more. But, the price of a vintage motorcycle will fluctuate based on the age, model, and type. Some of the vintage motorcycles are backed by different warranty periods and after sales services.

You can purchase vintage motorcycles from dealers who specialize in classic and vintage motorcycles or online stores. For a wider choice in vintage motorcycles, online stores are ideal. Most of the online stores will display its products, with description, picture, and pricing. Thus, a purchase can be made after going through the product description. Apart from vintage motorcycles, the parts are also available in the online stores. motorcycle.com, webbikeworld.com, and starklite.com are some of the online sites to shop for vintage motorcycles.

Before purchasing a vintage motorcycle, it is always recommended to go through the various vintage motorcycle magazines in order to get an idea about the various models, brands, and prices.

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