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What makes a good courier service

Posted by Dennis Smith on Friday, October 5, 2018 Under: Courier Service
The first and most obvious thing that makes a good courier service is the ability to deliver packages. While this may seem obvious, it isn't unheard of to read reviews or hear from friends or family members how a company with express delivery failed to get the parcel to its destination at all.

Customer service is also a key component that any decent courier service needs to focus on. When customers have a question or need clarification about something, they shouldn't be forced to listen to a recording on the phone. If a service provides contact through email, all responses should be answered by a live human and not an automated system or issued a scripted answer.

Pricing is another huge factor that consumers look at when deciding which company to go with. While being the cheapest company may initially appeal to people who need to ship packages out, this doesn't mean that the company offers the best service. Pricing should be clear and not include hidden fees or extras that get added on. These dramatically increase the initial price when utilising courier or logistics companies and will prevent consumers from using the service in the future.

Honesty is a factor that many companies and customers overlook. It makes sense that everything doesn't always happen perfectly and stuff happens that may delay the arrival of a package, even if the shipper paid for express delivery. It is not acceptable for lies to be the answer when that same customer calls wondering why the package didn't arrive as scheduled. A proper explanation, whether the problem is an issue with the weather, an accident or a mix up, needs to be explained in full.

When someone desires to ship a package to someone they will want a variety of shipping options to meet their needs. While the cheapest option may be suitable for sending a parcel, sometimes getting the package there faster is an absolute necessity and faster options need to be available. A company should offer a wide range of options from being a same day courier service to providing secure mail services for an additional fee. This ensures that the maximum number of customers use the service.

Presentation may be a secondary concern, but appearance matters. Even on a subconscious level, customers want to use a service that they have confidence in and one that looks presentable. If everything is a mess and disorganised, a customer loses trust in a courier's ability to safely deliver the package.

When a delivery service offers to pick up a package, a customer expects the pick-up time to be accurate. If they are told that the courier will arrive within the hour, they need to be there within the hour so the customer doesn't need to wait around all day. If something comes up, a phone call is mandatory to explain the delay.

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