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Working as a Courier

Posted by Howard Trott on Thursday, March 29, 2018 Under: Courier Work
Parcel Courier

Becoming a parcel courier is becoming a more popular career option. This typically involves parcel delivery for various companies. Most of the time, couriers work for a courier service, but some are self-employed. The people who bring parcels from mail order catalogues are providing a courier service. They are required to deliver parcels, often driving their own car or van. Most of the time, their parcel delivery will take place within a specific local area. As well as parcel delivery, you can also be part of a haulage courier service for companies such as IKEA. This will typically involve driving delivery vehicles (usually under 3.5 tonnes). This article offers advice on becoming a parcel courier.

Working for a Courier Company

If you work for a parcel delivery courier service, they can provide training if necessary. If you don't have your own vehicle for driving as part of your courier work (for example, if you share your car with a partner and cannot have access to it all day), they may also be able to arrange the hiring and insuring of a vehicle for you to use. For this, you usually have to be at least 25 years old, and have held a clean UK driving licence for at least two years prior to becoming a parcel courier.

 Proof of Delivery

Once you have completed your parcel delivery to the designated address, you need to get proof of delivery. In many cases, this needs to be stamped with the time and date, and you will usually need to get the recipient's signature. Some companies require this proof before they will pay you. You will often need to contact the proof of delivery desk for your company to let them know so that they can log the details.

Insuring your Vehicle

As you will be using your vehicle for work purposes, it is doubly important to insure it. As a general rule of thumb, you should look for a policy with third party and contents insurance. This covers you if your car is damaged by floods or fire, stolen or involved in an accident with another driver. Insurance companies that offer good insurance policies for a parcel courier include Norwich Union, AXA and Zenith. The latter is particularly good for insuring parcel courier vehicles, as long as you are the named driver on the insurance policy.

Earning Potential

In terms of earning potential, becoming a parcel courier is similar to becoming a self-employed taxi driver. There is the potential to earn good money, but you will have to deliver a lot of parcels every day, and work weekends too. If you are self-employed (rather than employed by a parcel courier company), you have the luxury of being able to set your own working hours, but working less hours will result in less earnings. A lot will depend on how many parcels need delivering in your area, and how many other couriers are available to do so. Many parcel couriers fit their delivering duties in around a part-time job (particularly in the case of female parcel couriers).

Transportation of valuables

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