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Working As A Motorcycle Courier

Posted by Howard Trott on Friday, October 4, 2013 Under: Motorcycle Couriers
Anyone can work as a motorcycle courier. All you need is a motorcycle, telephone, and insurance. The same applies to van couriers. I know quite a few lads that have lost their jobs, so they bought a van got some insurance and had a go. Most of them don't last long.

 I came across a lad parked up at the services on the M6. He looked p***** off and was kicking his bike. As most bikers would do I pulled over to see if I could help. His bike had seen better days and was leaking oil everywhere. He told me he was a motorcycle courier but wouldn't be doing it for much longer. He also told me how much he was charging per loaded mile and I was surprised he could afford to put petrol in his bike never mind insurance and pay bills.

When working as a motorcycle courier you have to take everything into consideration. Its not only paying for petrol and insurance, its parts and servicing for the bike and paying yourself a decent wage. People expect you to do the job for next to nothing but they'd soon complain in they were the courier. I believe a same day courier should deliver a consignment in the quickest time possible. To do this well you have to be a good rider and have a fast machine.

This lad unfortunately had a clapped out 500cc motorcycle and admitted he crashed on average twice a month. We have been riding motorcycles for many years. I've been riding myself for 30 years. We also believe in improving our skills and have attend many courses. Including gaining a National Diploma In Advanced Riding Instruction. Unless you live in London its very unlikely you can work full time as a motorcycle courier.

We run a security firm and use this for a change of scenery and to put our motorcycles through their paces. So my advice to anyone that is thinking of becoming a motorcycle courier is do your homework first. Get some business cards or flyers made up and visit local companies and see if there is a call for it in your area before you shell out the cash for insurance. Also do some winter riding to see if you can cope with the conditions. Most importantly don't do it for next to nothing, charge a decent loaded mile rate. If you do decide to give it a go good luck and I might see you on the road sometime.

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