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Choosing motorbike tyres

Posted by Mike Smith on Thursday, March 14, 2019 Under: Motorbike Advice
Choosing the right tyres for your motorbike is of paramount importance but even for long term motorbike owners, it can still be a challenge, particularly with the overwhelmingly large choice of tyres available. So what do you need to consider when buying new motorbike tyres?

Riding Style 

If you are looking to replace your motorbike tyres, the first question you need to ask yourself is; what do I use my motorbike for? How and where you ride should be key considerations when choosing tyres to ensure that you get the most suitable tyres for the intended purpose and that you make use of all their key features. If for example, you do a lot of long distance touring, you will need a tyre with high endurance. A specifically designed sport or track tyre would not be able to deliver the extras it promises if your riding style is long distance, and it would therefore be wasted on your bike.

Motorbike Model 

While some riders might consider it obvious that the type of tyres you choose should be chosen with your particular bike in mind, others might not realise just how important this is. Different tyres come in many different sizes so the likelihood is, there will be many tyres that will fit your bike. However, a tyre must be a good fit for a motorbike in more respects than just size. Tyres undergo rigorous testing by their manufacturers but they will only test them on suitable motorbikes. It may well be that a certain tyre had not been considered for and therefore tested on your particular bike model so it is advised to check the manufacturer's recommendations. Even if a tyre tops all the reviews, if it isn't suited to your bike, it won't work for you.

Motorbike Tyre Maintenance 

As with all tyres, pressure checks are essential for motorbike tyres and ideally, motorcyclists should check their tyre pressure once a week. This might seem like a bit of a chore but it does not take long and it is really in the rider's best interests to get into a good routine. Maintaining the correct level of tyre inflation is both safer and also more cost effective. Under inflated tyres are less fuel efficient, have a reduced stability performance, have a slowed down steering response and have reduced grip in wet conditions as the tread grooves become closed up.

Aside from tyre pressure, motorcyclists also need to keep a close eye on the general condition of their tyres. Cuts, cracking, bulges or embedded objects all need specialist attention so if you do notice any such signs of damage on your tyres, you should immediately take them to be repaired or replaced. Driving at high speed with damaged tyres could result in a fatal accident so no matter how minor the damage might seem, it is always worth having it checked out by a professional.

There are tyre companies who specialize in all types of motorbike tyres and will always make sure you get the right tyres for your bike and your needs. They stock many sizes and brands of tyre and cover all bases by catering for different riding styles and motorbike models.

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