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Getting the most from your Motorbike

Posted by Kevin Moore on Thursday, March 14, 2019 Under: Motorbike Advice
It shouldn't come as a lesson to anybody that, when you look after your possessions, most of them will last longer. However, judging from the volume of motorcycle riders who neglect to look after their bikes properly, you might think that nobody had given them this piece of advice. The number of bike enthusiasts not caring for their much-loved vehicles is high and, unfortunately, these people could find themselves missing out on years of life their bike could have offered had it not been for poor care.

If you're a novice when it comes to motorbikes, it probably makes a lot of sense that if you keep your machine well-oiled, the more smoothly it will run. That's why vehicles have to be taken for MOTs to ensure they're in good working condition - because not only could they break down on us, but, if such an incident happens at an inopportune moment, an accident involving both you and others could occur.

If you look after your bike, your bike will look after you. That means keeping it clean by polishing and rubbing down all of the exterior bits and pieces - especially those that could rust if left wet. One of the cardinal rules of keeping a motorbike is not to leave it uncovered in the street. Particularly in countries with changeable weather, you never know when your bike could end up getting soaked and, although the mechanics and paint job should be built to withstand this, if you consistently allow your vehicle to get wet and do not dry it off properly, you could end up with rust, leading to damaged components and clunky handling.

When riding on your motorbike, simple things like avoiding unnecessary revs, utilising your petrol reserve efficiently and avoiding riding over pot holes and similar hazards can all go towards increasing the lifespan of your motorbike. Anything that jolts your bike unnecessarily could potentially be damaging - both to the bike and to you. Finally, getting good motorbike insurance is a very important must, which can provide you and your bike with cover should you get into an accident.

You should enjoy possessing a motorbike, but there's no need to look after it with anything but the utmost care. After all, you put your life into the hands of your motorbike handling every time you use it, so you should want to make sure that the journey is as safe as possible!

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