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Medical Couriers

Posted by Hugh Marks on Saturday, May 25, 2019 Under: Medical Couriers
Manchester Medical Couriers. Do you want a career in the medical field but are afraid of the fierce job market that awaits you? If you want to avert the heavy influx of nurses, caregivers, and medical assistants while still being able to work in an environment you are interested and comfortable with, working as a medical courier is a good career path to take. According to surveys, medical couriers fill around 18 percent of courier positions.

Health couriers transport lab and blood samples to hospitals, medical centres, and clinics. Healthcare facilities also use the services of couriers to transport internal organs for transplants and surgeries. These experts are responsible for making sure that deliveries arrive in a secure and quick manner. Lab samples should be processed fast to get precise results and internal organs must make it to their respective recipients to avoid delaying critical operations.

Any article that cannot be delivered via conventional method is handed off to couriers. This includes items like blood, urine, feces, body organs and tissue. Usually, they drive a truck or van to conduct deliveries. They use email, mobile phone, or two-way radios to contact their employers about deliveries and other relevant tasks.

Before you can work as a fully fledged on a health courier, you must first acquire the appropriate training and education. Most employers require at least a high school diploma or GED to qualify as a medical courier. Because of the nature of work, candidates must also have a valid driver's license. Employers typically need extra courses in managing bio-hazardous content, such as infection control.

Couriers spend a sizeable chunk of their work day driving and maneuvering through traffic. They have to be physically and mentally strong to endure the requirements of the job. They must also be self-disciplined to arrive precisely on time. Those who are well-suited for this kind of work should have excellent communication skills, multitasking coordination, and maintaining a level head in stressful cases.

Earning potential for this type of job is slightly higher compared to general couriers. Average income for medical couriers working in a lab is $12 per hour while those employed in hospitals earn $11.90 per hour.

Sometimes it is a tiring job that can take its toll on both mind and body. But for those who prefer a job on the road instead of the usual pressure cooker office work, working as a medical courier can be a fulfilling profession for you.

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