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Motorbike Jackets

March 14, 2019
Many people buy a motorbike jacket based solely on appearance. While this can be good from a fashion viewpoint, riders have to look a bit further. Motorbike jackets for both men and ladies are available in a number of styles and materials. Being able to provide the best quality jackets with maximum protection is increasing the competition.

The main purpose of a helmet for a biker is to protect the head from impact damage, along with abrasions. The safety factor for motorbike clothing is of more importance in protecting the rider from abrasions (popularly known as road rash), and also from debris that may get kicked up during a ride.


While well known for it's iconic status, leather's popularity has decreased among motorcyclists in recent years. During hot summer rides, leather jackets can fail to provide relief, but it is possible to find various styles that have zippered vents for cooling. In looking around you will also be able to find leather jackets available that feature protective inserts (body armor) to provide additional protection.

As one of the most protective materials available for motorcycle riders, the proper fit for a leather jacket should be snug, acting as a second skin, but not restrictive. Choosing a size that is one up from what is normally worn can be a very good choice.


Having a look that resembles a windbreaker, textile jackets are becoming more popular for a number of reasons, chiefly for their lightweight while maintaining a high degree of abrasion resistance. Cordura has been the name commonly seen for motorbike jackets, and with very good reason! This material has been incorporated in a number of applications that require a high degree of durability, such as bulletproof and stabproof vests used by police and military forces.

Offering a greater amount of flexibility than leather, while providing superior protection from the elements (who knew that rainstorm would come up?), textile jackets offer much improved abrasion resistance and better armor than ones available a few years back.

What will your choice be?

Whatever your style is, the proper protective jacket is available, just do your research before you buy to make sure that cool jacket is right for you.

Although a motorbike jacket can seem expensive, where safety is a factor there is no real price. So you want to make sure that the jacket that you choose lasts a few years at minimum.

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March 14, 2019
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Uses for motorbikes are many: 
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March 14, 2019
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