Had a call from a customer who needed custom motorcycle parts picking up from Leeds then delivering to him at Manchester. He was building a custom motorcycle and needing the parts urgently. The parts were only small but very important to the build. After taking down all the details I got on my iron beast and starting eating up the road. The roads were pretty clear and quickly passed any slow traffic. Had to swerve passed the odd old lady in a car. The area where I live is heavily populated by old people and there are usually plenty of old ladies in cars about. They must take it in turns trying to knock me off my bike.


After making it out of Warrington alive I turned onto the motorway. It's a clear ride to Leeds which helps when the consignments are time critical. The motorway was clear and with no speed cameras or police about pulled back on the throttle. When riding at speed on UK motorways, not only have you to concentrate on the stretch of motorway ahead, but either side of the motorway. Looking out for parked police cars, at the side of the motorway and on overhead bridges where they sometimes park up. Speed cameras are easy enough to spot, but the British police are getting better at concealing themselves.

Arrived at the pick-up very quickly. Went into the machine shop and showed the bloke behind the counter the relevant paperwork. He went to the back of the shop and came back with a small package. I thanked him, put the package in my backpack, got back on my motorcycle and headed for Manchester. The journey back was just as quick and quiet with no sign of the police which was unusual.  

Got to the outskirts of Manchester, the traffic was quite busy but had no problem cutting through it. Moments later I was parked outside my delivery destination. It was a house, for some reason thought I would be delivering to a garage or workshop. Knock on the door which was answered by a large gent eating a sandwich. I told him who I was and handed over the package. He quickly opened it and his face lit up like a kid at Christmas. He thanked me, signed for the package and closed the door. Walked back to my beauty and gave her a pat on the seat. You do get attached to your motorcycle, but unless you've owned one you wouldn't understand.