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Storing your motorcycle

October 14, 2017
Preparing a motorbike for long term storage sounds depressing. Motorcycles are made to be ridden, but that doesn’t mean circumstances won’t arise when you might have to leave your motorbike in the long term parking section of your garage or under a sheet. Here are some tips to assure it’s done properly.

Petrol and water mix about as well as, well, oil and water. Parking a motorcycle for an extended period of time with a tank half filled with gas is an invitation for condensation form. The only thing that mixes worse than gas and water is carburetors and water. Ethanol is the devil’s urine. It actually attracts water, which isn’t a big deal in pressurised fuel systems, but when used in vented systems it will eventually suck moisture out of the air and grow a soy-based mutant plant blob in your tank. It will clog every port and orifice in a carburetor. Use Non-Ethanol gasoline treated with some form of fuel stabiliser, run the bike for a while, then run the carb(s) dry. For motorcycles without a fuel shutoff, make sure you get a reputable stabiliser.

Servicing your bike before it gets parked helps to ensure that it’ll be ready for action when you want it.

Plus there is something wrong about leaving an engine sit with dirty oil in it for months on end, especially because that same dirty oil is shared with your transmission. As oil breaks down through use, the acid level in it increases and can cause etching on soft metal internal components. Plus oil is not just for lubricating and cooling – it also acts as a cleaner and filter holding dirt in suspension. By leaving dirty oil in your engine for months on end, all the unwanted particulates that have accumulated will settle to the bottom and be harder to flush out next oil change.

Make sure you also clean the air filter, don’t forget to change the spark plug(s); lube the cables and chain.

Batteries don’t like to be too cold, a battery will just quietly die. To keep a battery fresh make sure its fully charged then pull it out of the bike and put it anywhere warm inside your house. Try to avoid leaving it on the fireplace mantle. Or forget all that and leave it on the bike hooked up to a battery tender. This will keep it topped off with juice while the bike is sitting idle and accommodate last second impulsive rides without having to reinstall the battery.

Cold weather can cause the air pressure in your tires to drop. Leaving your bike parked with the weight of the machine on low or flat tires for a long time will inevitably ruin perfectly good rubber. Invest in a service stand or create your own using a milk crate, sawed-off bar stool, or a metal range ball basket pilfered from your local golf course. Leaving the bike off the ground not only takes the weight off the tires, it also takes the load off your taxed suspension. Don’t forget to bleed the air out of your front forks.

If you need to store a motorcycle for a really long time (say 3 to 5 years ) the routine is basically the same with a few variations. Treat your petrol and run the carb(s) dry by shutting off the petcock, but then pull your petrol tank and drain it completely. Some people pull the spark plugs and pour in a few teaspoons of oil then turn the engine over a few times to make sure the piston and cylinder walls are lubricated. Some people believe strongly in engine fogging. Others believe that doing either of those things is a complete waste of time. I believe that if you live in a damp and humid climate it can’t hurt to have a little insurance. It also can’t hurt to cover your bike with an old blanket to keep the dust off and help absorb moisture. Store a bike for too many years and moisture in the air won’t be your biggest problem – all the oil seals will eventually dry out and crack from lack of inner lubrication.

Probably the single best thing you can do to keep your motorcycle in good working condition is give it some attention periodically. Start it once in a while  you’ll also be circulating oil around and keeping parts moving. Just make sure you get the engine good and hot. Warming it slightly can actually increase condensation, getting it good and hot will burn off any internal condensation and also circulate the coolant through the system. If your engine is equipped with a fan a good rule of thumb is to run the bike until the fan kicks on.

Protecting your motorcycle while it's parked on the street

October 14, 2017
Leaving a motorbike on the street isn’t ideal, but if you have to do it there are a few motorbike security options to choose from that can deter an attack from thieves.

The number one rule of all motorbike security is that the more time a thief has to spend defeating security, the less likely they are to attempt a theft.

Hardened chains and closed shackle locks

If you are leaving the bike near your home, then I seriously recommend the Almax Immobiliser or Pragmasis chains. Case hardened 16mm+ ...

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Triumph Bonneville

October 13, 2017
Triumph Bonneville is the name given to three distinct model lines of this notable British motorcycle. They share a parallel-twin four-stroke engine configuration, but the latest motorcycle to carry this name is of a totally new design and is manufactured by the modern successor of the original Triumph company.

The early 650 cc capacity production Triumph T120 Bonneville, often known as the duplex frame model, was replaced in the early 1970s by the T140 Bonneville which was the same basic mach...

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Christine Firehock ( Motorcycle Instructor USA )

October 13, 2017
As a fourth generation female motorcyclist, Christine began her road riding career at age 16 in 1980. At 21 Christine joined her mother as a motorcycle instructor at the American Motorcycle Driving School, Inc.

As an instructor for beginner, intermediate and advanced motorcycle riders of all riding types and riding styles, Christine’s certifications include Certified Harley-Davidson RidersEdge Program Manager, Nationally Certified Harley-Davidson, RidersEdge Coach, Special VIP Trainer to Du...

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Geoff Duke

October 13, 2017
The 1950's are considered the Golden Age of motorcycle racing, and one man has a huge role in this – Britain’s Geoff Duke.

From his first Grand Prix race at the 1950 Isle of Man TT, to his final GP at the 1959 Nations Grand Prix at Monza, “The Duke” earned six World Championships, and amassed 33 GP victories.

Sadly, Duke passed away Friday, May 1, 2015, at the Elder Grange Nursing Home on the Isle of Man. Duke was 92-years old.

Duke, who in 1953 was awarded Officer of the Most Excellent ...

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Selling your motorcycle

October 13, 2017
To avoid any stress when the time comes to sell your motorbike I have compiled a few helpful hints and tips to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

  • A motorbike that looks good is going to generate more interest and make you more money. Use wet wax and chain lube to make the bike look as good as it did the day you bought it.
  • Ensure that the bike is in working order by checking the oil, tyres, coolant, electrics and chain.
  • A motorbike without an MOT can be very difficult to sell. Tax i...

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Advanced motorcycle training and insurance

October 7, 2017
No matter how confident we are on our motorbikes, we could all benefit from additional post-test insight and advice from professional riders.

As well as helping to reduce fuel consumption and wear and tear to our motorcycles, advanced riding courses can prepare us for adverse road conditions and help riders to identify a potential danger on the road with enough time to avoid it.

Perhaps most importantly, advanced training can help motorcyclists maintain a strong visible presence on the road.

As ...

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Warrington Motorcycle Couriers

October 7, 2017
The fastest delivery solution

Warrington motorbike courier service from Spartan Motorcycle Couriers is a fast delivery service in Warrington for express documents, important packages and parcels. Our motorbike couriers in Warrington are reliable and responsive, they guarantee to give you the fastest possible collection and delivery times in the UK. We have experienced motorbike couriers available in Warrington to collect urgent letters, documents, legal papers and small packages at short notic...

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Cheap couriers can harm your business

October 6, 2017
If your business needs to get a product from point A to point B, what is the fastest option? Some will just turn to shipping giants like UPS or FedEx. While this can be a reliable option, it can be more pricey than other versions that are available. However, some of these cheaper alternatives do not have the reliable reputation backing it up and could be nothing more than a series of people in cars. While this can provide immediate delivery, it does not always provide confidence that it will ...

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Medical Motorcycle Courier North West England, UK.

October 6, 2017
Spartan Motorcycle Couriers understand the needs of the medical community when it comes to deliveries and the use of couriers. We have made a name for ourselves with local hospitals, laboratories and medical professionals by providing punctual, efficient and 100% confidential deliveries throughout North West England and UK for several years now.

Call Spartan Motorcycle Couriers today if you are looking for a courier or messenger service that can handle various types of medical materials while ...

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Female motorcycle couriers

October 5, 2017
We have recently had two female riders working for us as motorcycle couriers. Jodie Mitchell recently helped us out for a week and Penny Jones has been helping us out since 2016 when she has holidays from her regular job. Both are excellent riders and have never let us down. I know both ladies will be reading this, so give yourselves a pat on the back. Gender shouldn't come into any working environment, if a woman can do the job she should be given the opportunity.

Penny Jones has been riding ...

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Multi-drop motorcycle courier UK.

October 5, 2017
Spartan Motorcycle Courier offer a dedicated multi-drop motorcycle courier service to customers in need of delivering a number of packages on the same day. Our multi-drop courier service can be provided as a one-off service or on-demand as a flexible service to help you cope with busy periods. 

Effectively we provide a dedicated motorcycle courier hire service so that you can have your parcels, packages, documents, samples delivered. Typically, this means that you can have deliveries to multip...

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Thanks Jodie Mitchell

October 5, 2017
Would like to thank Jodie Mitchell for helping us out last week. She filled in the gaps over the busy period we had and showed herself to be a smart and very capable rider who has a way with the clients.

On her trusted GXSR 750, she delivered consignments to Scotland, Exeter, Birmingham to name a few. The deliveries were always ahead of time and delivered in all weather conditions. She never grumbled and just got on with it. 

Spartan Motorcycle Couriers has risen above all by fulfilling the nee...

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Riding your motorcycle in the rain

October 4, 2017
Unfortunately, rain is unavoidable and while you’ll probably never relish the opportunity to go out on your bike when it’s hammering down, it’s not something you should be scared of.

And if you are fearful of it, it’s something that you should really work on because, as we mentioned, you’re going to have to do it at some point – that’s one of the downsides of riding a motorbike in the UK. The good news is that it’s not difficult; in fact it’s not even that different from ridi...

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