Braking on a motorcycle

December 9, 2017
Many of us start riding bicycles as youngsters and are either taught, or quickly learn that heavy use of the front brakes can either result in the front wheel skidding out of control, or grip so harshly that you end up being tossed over the handlebars. From this often stems a fear around the use of the front brakes on a bicycle, which will often naturally follow through to motorcycle braking.

Before I get into braking techniques, the most important aspect of a motorcyclists dependency on the brakes is to actually use them as minimally as possible. Forward planning so that you are looking well ahead at potential and developing hazards will allow you to ease off the throttle earlier, therefore reduce the necessity for harsh braking. Anticipation is also a skill that reduces braking. For example, if you see some distance down the road that a traffic light has been on green for some time, you can anticipate that there’s a good chance of it changing before you reach it, therefore you can ease off sooner.

As you brake harshly on a motorcycle, that finely balanced machine suddenly becomes significantly less balanced with much of the weight shifting to the front wheel. Traction between tyres and tarmac allows for the motorcycle to slow down and stop. The greater the weight, the greater the traction, therefore the front brake is by far the most efficient on a motorcycle. Essentially, to gain the most effective braking from a motorcycle, you’ll need to use both the front and rear brakes in the form of progressive braking.

Jamming on the front brake in particular is likely to result in the tyre skidding and a loss of control. The bike and yourself will have a lot of momentum and weight. The wheels might have stopped, but you and the bike will want to carry one.

Progressive braking is increasing the brake lever pressure in increments, squeezing it slowly rather than a single, continuous quick pull of the lever. This braking technique helps to prevent the wheels from locking, therefore offering better control and if a locked wheel (skid) does occur, it’s likely to be easier to regain control. For greater stability, use the brakes when your motorcycle is upright and travelling in a straight line.

Optimal braking in good dry weather conditions

Apply the front brake slightly earlier than the rear and apply greater pressure to the front brake. Due to good traction from the front tyre in dry conditions, greater pressure can be applied to the front, more powerful brake.

Optimal braking in wet, slippery conditions

Wet, slippery roads results in less traction. A locked front wheel on a wet road can easily result in the rider coming off. When the roads are wet or slippery, an equal pressure must be applied to both the front and rear brakes.

Motorcycle braking forces on a corner

Weight is forced outwards and down at the front if braking. A motorcycle is far more stable when using the brakes upright and in a straight line. Planning ahead is essential so that you can slow down in good time to avoid braking in corners. As you travel around a corner on a motorcycle, the weight of the bike and the rider is pushed outwards (centrifugal force), which is why a rider leans in to compensate for this.

Braking in a straight line forces the weight to the front, but braking on a corner forces the weight to not only the front, but also the outside, further increasing the centrifugal force. This increases the potential of the tyres losing traction and the bike going into a slide or becoming highly unstable.

Always avoid using the brakes whilst travelling around a bend, particularly in wet or slippery conditions. If you must use the brakes on a corner, avoid using the front brake and instead use the less powerful rear brake along with engine braking to slow the vehicle.

How to corner at speed on a motorbike

December 8, 2017
Get an idea about the nature of the corner 

While riding the motorcycle, it is better to look to the far in front and if any corner seems to be ahead, the bike rider should try to guess that type of that corner. If there is any signboard, it should be read carefully and even if there is none, it is better to have a view of the corner, as far as possible. If the corner is not clearly visible from a distance, the rider will just see that the road seems to vanish at a distance. If the outer and i...

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Motorcycle Courier Service North West England

November 24, 2017
Need an Urgent Delivery or Collection from the Warrington, Manchester, Stockport Area? Then give us a call or drop us an email. We supply the fact service needed to deliver from one end the country to the other.

Whether you require Same Day or Next Day service. We simply supply the Professional Service which meets your requirements. Dedicated Motorcycle Couriers in the Warrington, Manchester, Stockport region, and through their dedication and attention to detail, Spartan Motorcycle Couriers ha...

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24 Hour Motorcycle Courier Cheshire

November 21, 2017
When we first opened our doors for business, we saw a gap in the market for a reliable 24 hour motorcycle courier service in Warrington and Manchester. Since then, we’ve expanded our operation and we now have a nationwide courier network, but we tend to focus our efforts on the North West England region.

We’re currently living in an age where nothing seems to sleep and that definitely extends to the business world. All areas of manufacturing operate 24 hours a day. Ships and aircraft arriv...

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NHS Motorcycle Couriers Manchester

November 20, 2017
Spartan Motorcycle Couriers have partnered with numerous NHS organisations throughout the UK to provide them with a fast, secure, temperature-controlled solution. We continually exceed our customer’s requirements and have worked with them to develop bespoke solutions. Given out unique approach, our unrivalled medical delivery service has permanently exceeded our customer’s expectations as we treat every sample with immense care and urgency.

We choose to deliver to NHS organisations, ensuri...

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Some petrol saving tips

November 18, 2017
One of the simplest things to do and something that is often overlooked is to ensure your tyre pressures are correct and in line with the manufacturers guidelines. As a positive consequence this also improves the bikes handling characteristics and makes you feel happier and more comfortable on the bike.

Ensuring your bike is regularly serviced and well maintained can make quite a difference to the economic properties of the motorcycle. A poorly set up machine will certainly use more fuel.


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Advanced motorcycle rider course

November 7, 2017
Advanced Rider Course

Taking an advanced motorcycle riding course is a good idea. It gives you added confidence and improves your riding skills. The benefits of attending a course in the UK are:
  • Gain confidence and skills
  • Possible cheaper insurance
  • Use your own motorcycle
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Gain full IAM membership
  • Improve on road anticipation
  • Appreciate your motorcycle’s full capabilities
  • Become a better rider in different environments
If you ride a motorcycle you already appreciate the sense o...

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Medical product motorcycle courier

November 5, 2017
Medical product courier 

Spartan Motorcycle Couriers are a major supplier of courier transport services to medical service companies.

From urgent blood samples to medication and medical instruments, Spartan Motorcycle Couriers have the riders and motorcycles specially equipped to cope with transporting these delicate consignments across the UK. No matter what the medical instrument, we can offer a fast, safe, secure, motorcycle courier service. 

Our couriers are specially trained to care for the...

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Document delivery service

October 28, 2017
Document Motorcycle Courier Service

When you are in need of a reliable, cost-effective courier service for the transportation of sensitive documents, Spartan Motorcycle Couriers is your solution.

Our team of highly trained and experienced transportation specialists understand that document delivery requires punctuality and professionalism. All of Spartan Motorcycle Couriers staff are advanced motorcycle riders, SIA security licenced and insured, and the documents our riders collect will remain ...

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Cleaning your motorcycle

October 26, 2017
Whether you own a custom cruiser or a sports bike, you'll want to keep your motorcycle away from commercial washing facilities and perform the cleaning ritual yourself. Those high-pressure hoses can damage bike parts, which are more vulnerable than mechanical parts in cars.

Be sure you find a shady spot to wash (and dry) your bike since the sun can create temperature differentials that harm paint and allow water to leave spots.

Assemble the following items as needed:

  • A bucket for soapy water
  • Soap...

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Storing your motorcycle

October 14, 2017
Preparing a motorbike for long term storage sounds depressing. Motorcycles are made to be ridden, but that doesn’t mean circumstances won’t arise when you might have to leave your motorbike in the long term parking section of your garage or under a sheet. Here are some tips to assure it’s done properly.

Petrol and water mix about as well as, well, oil and water. Parking a motorcycle for an extended period of time with a tank half filled with gas is an invitation for condensation form. Th...

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Protecting your motorcycle while it's parked on the street

October 14, 2017
Leaving a motorbike on the street isn’t ideal, but if you have to do it there are a few motorbike security options to choose from that can deter an attack from thieves.

The number one rule of all motorbike security is that the more time a thief has to spend defeating security, the less likely they are to attempt a theft.

Hardened chains and closed shackle locks

If you are leaving the bike near your home, then I seriously recommend the Almax Immobiliser or Pragmasis chains. Case hardened 16mm+ ...

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Triumph Bonneville

October 13, 2017
Triumph Bonneville is the name given to three distinct model lines of this notable British motorcycle. They share a parallel-twin four-stroke engine configuration, but the latest motorcycle to carry this name is of a totally new design and is manufactured by the modern successor of the original Triumph company.

The early 650 cc capacity production Triumph T120 Bonneville, often known as the duplex frame model, was replaced in the early 1970s by the T140 Bonneville which was the same basic mach...

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Christine Firehock ( Motorcycle Instructor USA )

October 13, 2017
As a fourth generation female motorcyclist, Christine began her road riding career at age 16 in 1980. At 21 Christine joined her mother as a motorcycle instructor at the American Motorcycle Driving School, Inc.

As an instructor for beginner, intermediate and advanced motorcycle riders of all riding types and riding styles, Christine’s certifications include Certified Harley-Davidson RidersEdge Program Manager, Nationally Certified Harley-Davidson, RidersEdge Coach, Special VIP Trainer to Du...

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