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Clinical Trial Motorbike Courier Manchester

January 13, 2020
At Spartan Motorcycle Couriers, we aim to be an integral part of your trial or study by providing the knowledge and expertise required in moving your delicate samples or urgent medications from collection to delivery. Our dedicated clinical trials staff are trained to understand the essential time, temperature and speed requirements that are unique to clinical trials. And to ensure safe and compliant transport of your trial, we work in partnership with you to for a secure and seamless delivery. 

Our motorcycle couriers also provide advice and assistance in the preparation of shipping paperwork and help you understand what is required in terms of compliant packaging. By making sure all the preparation is complete, we ensure that your delivery is made in the shortest possible time. We smooth out factors such as customs clearance and poor local infrastructures which can hamper smooth delivery to your destination.

• Medical Motorcycle Couriers deliver across the UK, which makes us an ideal partner for your UK based clinical trials service.
• 24 hour collection and delivery of specimens, investigational drugs and other study materials and supplies.
• Fast, safe, delivery. 
• Medical Motorcycle Couriers are advanced motorbike riders.
• SIA security licenced.

Transporting your valuables

December 24, 2019
It’s interesting how the word valuable means different things to different people. It’s often tricky to label something as valuable simply because the real worth of an item is not necessarily linked to its higher price. For example, a brand new smartphone is much more expensive and valuable than a cheap phone unless there are additional factors and extraordinary circumstances to make things even more interesting. Sentimental value is definitely something to watch out when defining a speci...

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Keeping your motorcycle safe

December 8, 2019
Cover it up!

If you’re familiar with the phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind’ then you will appreciate that when it comes to preventing potential theft this is actually really good advice.

Why? Because if a thief can’t see your shiny new sports bike beneath a dirty old rain cover then maybe - just maybe - they’ll not be tempted to take it for a ride. In fact, it’s such a simple yet effective advice that even the UK motorcycling industry body - the MCIA, began distributing free motorcy...

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Motorbike riding in winter: 5 tips for staying safe on the roads

December 4, 2019

Winter can lead to all sorts of problems for motorists, but even more so for bike riders. In this article, Mark Barclay from GSF Car Parts shares his advice for protecting yourself and your motorbike during a cold snap.
Bad news for motorcyclists: freezing temperatures are predicted all throughout this winter, with some experts even anticipating the return of the Beast from the East.That could bring -14°C temperatures to the UK, not to mention wet, windy, and even icy conditions to Britain’...

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Warrington Courier Service

November 7, 2019
In any town or city there are always plenty of couriers. Some good some bad, most promise to deliver on time no matter how tight the time window and many don't deliver. There are many couriers in Warrington and some operate a 24 hour courier service. Our roads are getting busier all the time and at certain times of the day they become heavily congested. For a next day delivery it doesn't matter that much but for a same day delivery from Warrington you need a form of transportation that is fas...
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Courier delivery from Warrington to Coventry

September 29, 2019
Had a call from Jones Nuttall in Warrington who needed a same day delivery of a part to MTC in coventry. They needed it delivering as soon as possible. Once we sorted payment out it was just a case of getting ready and heading off. I always keep a list of what I need to take just in case I forget something.

Once everything was sorted and had everything I needed I got on my green machine and off I went. The pick up was only 5 miles away and the roads were pretty clear. The hardest part was when...
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Looking ahead while riding

August 28, 2019
The most significant part of riding a bike is looking forward. Having the option to look forward, having the option to see what's significant, is an indispensable component of cruiser riding. 

No doubt that is something everyone is prepared to do, however you will see that there is a lot to find out about looking forward. 

You ride towards where you look, so to get the hang of cornering admirably, you should look the correct way. On traffic, you should figure out how to see undeniably more than...

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