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Shipping Fragile Items

March 3, 2022
Order Packaging in the Right Size

The box or vessel that you use to house your fragile items is one of the most important means you have to protect it during shipping. In most cases, actual boxes instead of envelopes or mailers will be preferable when it comes to shipping products that could be potentially breakable. But you’ll also need to make sure that you purchase boxes that are the right size for your products. Ideally, you’ll want to choose boxes that are large enough to fit some protective wrapping around your product, but not so large that the wrapped product will bounce around the inside of the box as it’s being handled.

Get Enough Wrapping Materials

That’s where the wrapping materials come in. In many cases, you’ll want to have some bubble wrap or a similar protective material to wrap around your products, making sure that you cover each surface and section. If you have uniquely shaped items, large boxes or more than one product that you need to fit into a box, you might also need some packing peanuts to fill the rest of the box, in addition to the protective wrapping around the product itself.

Protect Items from the Elements

When you think about threats to your fragile products, you probably picture your boxes being thrown around, dropped or mishandled in some way. But rough handling isn’t the only way that your fragile items can get damaged in the shipping process. Rain, puddles of standing water and other elements can also threaten their safe delivery. Plastic bags or shrink-wrap can be great in those circumstances to prevent any moisture or other potentially harmful elements from getting to your products and ruining them.

Attach the Wrapping Securely

The protective packing materials you choose to wrap around your products to keep them safe can vary based on the types of items. But the one thing that doesn’t change is the fact that you need those protective materials to actually stay put throughout the entire shipping process if you want your product to arrive in one piece. For that reason, you’ll probably want to use packing tape, bags that zip closed or other secure packing materials to really keep your wrappings in place until your package reaches its destination.

Don’t Wrap Items Too Tightly

While it’s important to wrap materials securely, it’s also critical to avoid wrapping your items too tightly. Doing so can potentially put a lot of pressure on fragile items like glassware or antiques. And that pressure can actually make it more likely for those items to break during the shipping process. Instead, try to wrap your items in a secure but loose fashion. The specifics can change based on the size and style of the product, but just try to avoid putting too much tension on items when you wrap them.

Seal the Box Closed

Once you’re happy with how you’ve wrapped the item inside your box or package, you’ll need to seal the actual box itself. Don’t skimp on tape. Otherwise, if your package comes open during the shipping process, all that hard work you put into wrapping that fragile item will be for naught. Instead, use high quality packing tape and cover all potential openings on all sides of the box.

Add More Wrapping for Distance

It’s a basic law of shipping — the farther your package has to travel, the more it is going to be handled. That means that if you’re shipping internationally or to a location that’s pretty far away, your package will have plenty of opportunity to be dropped or mishandled. So in those instances, you might want to add an extra layer of wrapping or tape just to make extra sure your items are going to remain secure throughout the whole trip.

Label Your Package

Even if you’ve wrapped your items and secured your box really well, the people handling your packages don’t necessarily know that your items are fragile unless you tell them so. You can make it really easy for them by labelling your package as fragile on every side so that no matter how someone grabs the box, they’ll see your label. If you ship a lot of fragile items for your business, you might even consider investing in a stamp to use on all of your packages.

Consider Insurance

No matter how careful you are in wrapping your items, you can’t control every single aspect of their shipping journey once they’ve  left your care. So issues are bound to arise every now and then. If your fragile items are valuable or irreplaceable, you should strongly consider insuring them so that you won’t be put in a bad situation if something unfortunate does happen during shipping.

Transporting Specimens To The Laboratory

January 31, 2022
Laboratory Specimen Courier North West. Under exceptional circumstances, where Biohazard Group 4 pathogens e.g. viral haemorrhagic fever, are known or suspected, staff may be required to visit wards in order to transport samples to the laboratory.

Prepared specimens are placed within a red-topped Bio Bottle, which is then placed inside a Specimen Transport Box.

Leaks and Spills

The risk of breakage or leakage of chemical or other material is extremely small if the samples are packaged correctly ...

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Medical Couriers Are In High Demand

January 24, 2022
Medical Couriers Manchester. Whenever any medical emergency strikes, we rush to hospitals and clinics giving all the credits to doctors and nurses. Sure they play a major role in your recovery but other participants are not appreciated too much. One such example includes Manchester Medical Couriers.

Since we are living in the 21st century we are pretty much dependent and used to online deliveries whether it is an Uber ride, Amazon delivery, food delivery, etc. Imagine you require immediate and...

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Motorcycle Leathers

January 10, 2022
Leather is one of the oldest raw materials known to man. The world as we know is built on a foundation of wood and leather. You want a sustainable material? There is no need for dinosaur juice in leather manufacture.

Leather is defined as the tanned skins or hides of animals. Almost any kind of skin can be used as leather, from cattle, through birds (ostrich for example) to fish. Some of these have very specialized uses, many now obsolete (shagreen, a tanned shark skin, was used for sword hilt...

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Buying A Used Motorcycle

November 15, 2021
Where to start ?

Local dealers - check out their second-hand stock. A lot of dealers are acquiring more and more used motorcycles to sell, some are offering big incentives such as lifetime warranty or free delivery.

Search online - Ebay, Bike Trader, Gumtree, Facebook and Scooter Trader are just a few online market places where you'll find motorcycles and scooters for sale.

Compare prices, decide your budget and choose what make/model/age motorbike you want to purchase.

Don't Rush Into Buying 


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If Storing Your Motorbike For Winter

October 18, 2021
Riding in winter can be great, and if we haven’t already convinced you of that then you're the one missing out. But, if we really can’t convince you to ride in winter then we're here to help make sure you store your bike the proper way.

The truth is winter salt will do its best to eat your bike alive and turn all its fasteners furrier than a Yeti’s bellybutton. Black ice and freezing rain can make driving conditions hazardous to say the least. Yep, when there is a foot of snow outside so...

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Slow Speed Control

September 28, 2021
You're touring. You take a wrong turn and end up down a single-track road. You carry on for a mile or so, but aren't seeing anywhere suitable to turn round. Do you A: stop, effortlessly U-turn and zoom off back to your route, or B: ride on in the hope you come across a junction, a wider section of road, or a driveway? If the answer is A, you're one of the lucky ones who's got to grips with slow control. If the answer is B, read on.

I bet far more riders than are willing to let on aren't as con...

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Riding Into Sunlight

September 20, 2021
Every winter there are warm sunny days with clear roads that tempt motorcyclists to go riding. With each passing day, the sun hovers longer in the sky, offering more daylight for taking a ride. All that bright sunshine in March reminds us that spring soon will be here. A preseason ride now can be a real treat for a winter weary rider.

Take a moment, however, to consider how all that sunlight will affect your ride as you prepare for what might be your first ride since last fall. This time of ye...

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Riding Long Distance

September 14, 2021
Motorcycle riding is a passion shared by many around the world, but it is also a highly personal undertaking. When you’re riding long distances alone or with a few buddies, it can feel as if you’re the only one left in the world. It’s just you and the landscape with only miles of road in-between.

However, many bikers have ridden those roads before and will ride them long after you’ve hung up your helmet for good. They have been through it all–popped tires, wet gear, lost keys–and t...

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